Students taking Music lessons for the first time should be aware that by agreeing to take music lessons, they are essentially entering into a contract whereby they agree to purchase, in advance, both the time and the guidance of their music teacher.

Fees are charged, except in the instance of casual lessons, per term. Or in the case of late enrolment, part thereof. Each term's duration is for ten weeks and is scheduled to coincide as closely as possible to the standard school term.

An invoice will be given to you at the end of each term, and this is due for payment on the second lesson of the new term.

Term Fees

Please contact me direct for pricing


Fees are due by the second lesson of each term.

Students must withdraw before the end of the fourth week of term to qualify for a refund of the balance of the term's fees.

Missed Lessons
Provided reasonable notice or reason is provided, I will endeavour to reschedule a missed lesson in that same week. However, please note, timetable constraints might not always allow for this. If a lesson cannot be satisfactorily rescheduled, then no entitlement to a make up lesson is provided for. Students are entitled to a credit in the case of a lesson missed due to the cancellation on the part of the teacher.


The singing diva reserves the right to decline further tuition for breaches of the above terms.