Music lessons don't have to be boring. In fact they can be fun!! Learn in a friendly encouraging, supportive environment. It doesn't matter if you are a beginner or just needing some tips.

Age is no barrier I can help you become the guitarist that you want to be. I am at all times encouraging. Inspirational, supportive and motivating.


Here is what I offer

Private Lessons
30 Minutes Duration
Lessons During The Day And Evenings
You Can Learn To Play or Sing Songs You Want
Basic Chord Structures (guitar)
Strumming Techniques (guitar)
Picking Styles (guitar)
How To Improvise (guitar)
Techniques For Playing By Ear And Understanding What That Means (guitar)
Lessons To Meet Individual Needs And Interests
Breathing Techniques
How To Express Yourself
Improving Your Confidence With Performance
Pitch Matching Skills - Tone - Increasing Your Music Range (singing)
Overcoming Nervousness And Anxiety
Understanding Your Body Is The Instrument (singing)
Posture - Why It Is So Important When Performing


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My Philosophy is that each person walks away from one of my classes with a new skill to practise and a feeling of achievement and a smile on their face. Let that person be you!! To find out more or to book a lesson, don't hesitate to contact me on the below link or telephone numbers on the contact page.

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